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We are proud to announce a wonderful addition to our product line that will help enrich the lives of felines.            DES.PAT.,D555.293

Cats can be prone to stress when introduced into an unfamiliar environment.  The CatEShack gives them the option to choose how and when they interact with their surroundings. 

The box is designed so that the cats one familiar time at the shelter moves with them upon converting it into a temporary carrier.  Once in the new home, the carrier is reassembled, becoming a familiar haven.





 72715  Carrier/lounger set













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Scratch-E-Rub Round

These rounds were designed to provide an outlet for what cats love to do; scratch and rub.

Attach to cage grating or place on cage floor.  2 twisty ties (unattached) are included for each round.

Constructed of cardboard and food grade glue.

8" diameter x 1" thick  (sizes may vary slightly)





 Scratch-E-Rub Round           

 32 rounds per case